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Transforming your ideas into reality

"The Sun does not realise how wonderful it is until after a room is made"-Louis Kahn


Y E A R S  O F  E X P E R I E N C E

A B O U T  U S

Frank Ross architecture

 F.A. Ross Architects is an established architectural firm, licensed in seven states. We are dedicated to their clients and has been serving many of same clients for nearly two decades. At its inception, nearly twenty five years ago F.A. Ross Architects was a concept, an idea for a different type of firm. It was the a conceptual plan for a firm that could better address the changing economic environment, at a time when the world was being introduced to the computer age. While still an architectural student studying in Rome, the idea occurred for a formation of a new, sleeker, architectural practice that took advantage of the coming micro era. The profession was evolving and the styles were under going the most radical changes since the inception of International Style. The way people live and transact business was also in transition. Soon clients would need more services, in less time. During this time of transition, the profession, despite massive changes in styles, was largely unchanged. This was insufficient, as the new demands on the profession could no longer be addressed without the introduction of new technologies. The advancements created new opportunities. What was once considered futuristic, was now available to the public. To borrow a famous quote “the future is today”, clearly now is the time to implement new ideologies and think outside of the box. 

We listen to your needs and design to those needs 

People ignore design that ignores people.

- Frank Chimero

Services: programmatic design, working drawings,

3d renderings, real time walk-thru video presentations, new builds, renovations, exterior and interior design

Take a Look at Our Gallery 

Everett & Hurite Warrendale offices



Dr Moses Dental Office, New Castle PA

TrueNorth Corp Office, Brecksville OH

Gallery of TrueNorth convenience stores

Before and after

TrueNorth Interiors


Other projects

Brinton Hill, Housing Auth of County of Lawrence

Grove City College Dorm renovations



 F.A. Ross Architects, in conjunction with Human Services Center of New Castle,were pleased to

receive a regional and national award for their efforts in their rehabilitation of four buildings

along Grant Street & Highland Avenue. This project was one of only 23 nationwide to received an

Award of Excellence.

The proposed project was for F.A. Ross Architects to add promenade to the building' facade and

provide green space with integrated parking concerns. We were excited  to participate because

The “Cathedral” is the single most prominent building in our community. Many important events have

been served in the building’s quarter million square feet.

This building was originally designed in 1917 by Architects. This building was designed constructed

to master the test of time; therefore our role is one of a steward during era. We intend to leave

the building to a future generation, with the intention that it will honor and preserve this great


Scottish Rite Cathedral, New Castle PA

*unfortunately the design never came to fruition due to lack of funding

Frank Ross Architects have donated services for accessibility upgrades over the years and other community initiatives.  

Design Competition for World Trade Centers

Take a Look at Our Gallery

Frank A Ross

Principal Architect

Tanya Ross

Designer and Project Manager

 Frank Ross, B.S., B.Arch. Principal

Frank graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science

Degree in Architecture, and with post graduate Bachelor of Architecture (professional degree).

Frank is a past member of the American Institute of Architects, the Pennsylvania AIA, and the

Pittsburgh Chapter of AIA. Presently Frank is certified by the National Council of Architectural

Registration Boards, and is licensed

with the Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Wisconsin Boards of Architects. He is also licensed

with the New York State University, for the practice of architecture.

Frank is presently a member of the New York Historical Society and NY Institute for Classical


Frank is the founder and principal of F.A. Ross Architects. The company was founded on the

principle of technology as the new driving force in the profession. RCI was originally

a prototype business plan, and was set into place as a viable business during the late 1980s.

Frank and Tanya are both excited at the prospects of the coming year. In 2008 the largest housing

project in the Lawrence County in over forty years will be complete. The coming year will also be

the start of a new grand project, for the Scottish Rite Cathedral. This auditorium and facility is

a historic building that has been the site for many famous performances. F.A. Ross Architects is

delighted to have input on this great structure.

Going forward F.A. Ross Architects intend to continue the efforts related to sustainable building

systems, and the to further the advancement of higher efficiency structures.

A combination of individual research combined with formal education opportunities will create new

opportunities in the new marketplace.

Frank Ross, B.S., B.Arch.


Kent State University Kent, OH

Bachelor of Architecture 1987

Kent State University Kent, OH

Bachelor of Science in Architecture 1986 (undergrad)


Pennsylvania Board of Architects

Ohio Board of Architects

Florida Board of Architects 

West Virginia Board of Architects

Wisconsin Board of Architects

Illinois Board of Architects

Michigan Board of Architects


American Institute of Architects


Planning Commission of New Castle 15+ years

Tanya Ross, BS, BA Project Manager & Designer

Tanya graduated from Geneva College with Bachelors of Science in

Chemistry, and a Bachelor of Arts in English. Tanya has an extensive background in science and mathematics. She has also studied art and architectural history in college, and her diverse interests lead her to the study of sustainable architecture, interior and exterior design, and project management.  

Tanya uses variety of tools to help achieve a client's vision from the onset of the project until completion.  She uses 3d renderings and real live video walk-thrus, Photoshop illustrations,  and CAD drawings to help the client envision the design during the entire process .  She has worked on multitude of projects that include retail, office spaces, medical offices, and government projects.

She also has interest in sustainable design and has participated on a couple of LEED certified projects and historic preservation of existing buildings.


Geneva College Beaver Falls, PA

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 1998

Bachelor of Arts in English 1998


Slippery Rock University

Slippery Rock, PA

Alternative Energy Systems for sustainable design

New York University

New York, New York

Air Quality & Mechanical systems for sustainable design

Pratt Institute of Design

New York, New York

Ventilating Technologies for sustainable design

Harvard Graduate School of Design

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Envelope & Structural Material Selection in

sustainable design


American Chemical Society

Professional Member

Boston Society of Architects

Professional Affiliate

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Professional Affiliate

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